History of the development of Craniosacral Therapy


U.S. Osteopath Dr. William Garner Sutherland first recognized craniosacral motions and their relevance to health in the early 1900's. He went on to study the cranial system for 50 years. During the last 21 years of his life he trained many skilled osteopathic clinicians. In the 1970's Dr John Upledger was the first person to teach craniosacral therapy to non-osteopaths or medical staff. Franklyn Sills and the Karuna Institute teaching team have spent many years developing the biodynamic craniosacral model. Their work has created a number of other schools in the UK , USA , Spain , Switzerland , Germany , India , Japan , and more recently New Zealand and Australia .

The development of this therapy continues as more understanding is gained and new approaches and perspectives are adopted.

This video goes for 1 hour, but explains a lot of the history and what Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is all about.