What is Biodynamic?


The smartest thing in the room is the intelligence expressed in our bodies. There are millions of years of evolution behind the shapes, forms and movements in the body. There are many coordinated self-regulating processes that respond to events and maintain an internal balance and flow. This intelligence defines the chemistry, nervous activity and alignment in the body.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy experiences this intelligence as an expression of a wider ordering principle in nature. Health is an active principle; it is a living, breathing reality that can be felt by knowledgeable hands. 

Biodynamics is an attempt to appreciate the whole of things and to engage with expressions of health.  The work is about surrendering to the priorities of the body. There is a trust that, given the right relationship and with enough resources, the intelligence in the body will choose the best way to heal.

In Biodynamics we do not impose a plan from the outside. We listen and support the inherent striving of the organism away from fragmentation and towards health.  Stillness is a defining goal and experience in the work. Change happens in the still moments where an individual comes back into relationship with themselves and to what is around them.