Blossoming health

Contact Person: Pavla Miller
Clinic Name: Blossoming health
I´m fascinated by the healing process of the human body,and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy gives me a chance to be an active part of it. I love how it connects the anatomical, scientific knowledge of the human body with intuition, insight and a very respectful, heartfelt connection with a client.
Street: 11 Hector street, Petone
Street 2: 36 Ruskin road, Newlands
City: Wellington
Postcode: 5012
Country: New Zealand
Phone - Landline:
Location Map:
Charges: 80 dollars per session
Length of Sessions : 1 hour
Background : I have a two years experience in mental health sector
Qualifications : Current: Body intelligence training program, Mothers and babies post gradual training Past: BcA in Theater studies, Level 4 in Amenity horticulture
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