Living Health

Contact Person: Alison (Ali) Andrew
Clinic Name: Living Health
As Living Health I operate out of 2 clinics. Inner Health Clinic at Pukekohe on Tuesday & Fridays, plus Clarks Beach on Monday & Thursdays. To enable clients to access Craniosacral Health Care locally. My Cranio clients have said their improvements include reduced pain & stress levels.
Street: 12 Wesley St, Pukekohe
Street 2: 12 Seaway Pl, Clarks beach
City: Pukekohe
Postcode: 2120
Country: New Zealand
Phone - Landline:
Business Days:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Location Map:
Clinic Hours : Pukekohe on Tuesday & Friday 8am - 6pm Clarkes Beach on Monday & Thursday 9am - 6pm I operate from 2 clinics to enable clients to access Craniosacral Health Care locally.
Charges: All first sessions are $80, to gain health info & have time to get to know client & understand their situation. Further sessions are: Adults - 1 hour appointment $80. Mother & Baby together in 1 hr $80. Pregnancy / Pre Labour check $70. Babies or Children to 12 yrs $45.
Length of Sessions : Adult appointment are approx 1 hour, Children & babies are 45mins. This includes time spent before & after treatment time to share your progress. I feel this is just as important as session time. I value my clients & want to know what they are going through. Their challenges & their successes as we proceed.
Other Modalities : I choose to specialise in Craniosacral Therapy, as I believe it is a powerful & empowering way to bring clients back to full Health.
Specialty Areas : Pain related to Accidents/ injuries - sports/ car/ work. Special Needs Children / Development Delays. TMJ (Jaw) & Sinus issues. PlusAnxiety / Stress / Neurological Issues, which are often connected to other issues. Overwhelm - where client has tried 'everything else' & is close to giving up. - Cranio helps in so many areas. My clients biggest feedback are improvements reducing pain & anxiety levels. In adults, sports people, as well as Special needs children (most likely from my experience raising my son who is now 19, but whose development is around 1-2yrs & non-verbal). I also treat a lot of retired people with pain & undiagnosed concentration & Neurological issues, that Doctors & Specialists are trying to diagnose, Cranio treats their whole system, helping it undo the many years of stress & injuries that have layered up on them. Confusing both their system & Doctors.
Background : I have raised my family using Natural medicines & therapies. I believe that Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is what I am born to do. All my previous life experiences in Youth Work, caring for my 4 kids. Including raising my Special Needs son, who was born with Global delays & Low immunity - who at 19 is still around 1-2 years developmentally. Being nonverbal & needing assistance in every aspect of his life. Most difficult, his inability to sleep at night, lucky if he slept for 3 hours. All my struggles have made me a stronger Therapist, enabling me to listen & empathise what my clients are going to get through. Knowing life can get better.
Qualifications : Dimploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Certificate for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy treating of Mothers & Babies
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