Inner Health

Contact Person: Angela Wheeler
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Clinic Name: Inner Health
Inner Health is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Clinic run by Angela Wheeler who has 2 more registered BCST practitioners working from her clinic. Helping people reduce pain, improve health and gain more energy for life through BCST is the emphasis of the Inner Health Clinic.
Street: 12 Wesley Street
City: Pukekohe
Postcode: 2120
Country: New Zealand
Mobile: 0
Business Days:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
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Clinic Hours : Inner Health Clinic is open week days by appointment and has 3 Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy practitioners available (with Angela Wheeler being the Principle practitioner). This allows for continuity of care and a variety of days and hours on offer for clients.
Charges: All First Appointments=$80 (Includes a $10 discount on hourly rate). Adult Follow-up appt=$80. Baby & Child Follow-up appt=$45. Antenatal Pre-labour Check=$70. Cash, Cheque and eftpos facilities are available. Sorry, there are currently no Credit card facilities.
Length of Sessions : All first appointments - 60 minutes. This allows me to spend time with you to get a full client history and to explain BCST, how it relates to your history and how I can support you towards better health. Adult Follow-up appts - 50 minutes. Baby & Child Follow-up appts - 30 minutes. (These sessions involve fun and play while the session takes place). Antenatal Pre-labour Check- 45 minutes. (I work with the LMC to offer a safe and supportive therapy during pregnancy. A pre-labour check involves looking at pelvis alignment, nervous system tone and generally ensuring the woman is in her optimal health prior to labour).
Other Modalities : I specialise in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, however my background in other complimentary therapies enables me to add to my knowledge of how to best support my clients.
Specialty Areas : My areas of special interest include:- Pain (both acute and chronic), Pregnancy and Babies, Depression and Anxiety, Nervous Disorders. I also love working with many other conditions and find satisfaction in helping those who have seen 'everyone else' yet still haven't had a marked improvement in their health. So often illness can really get us down and affect our relationship with others and the outside world. Being part of the process of enabling my clients to rediscover their health, wellness and love of life is very fulfilling. Seeing the affects of a reduction or elimination of symptoms in someone's body as they resolving the cause of the pain or discomfort through BCST and how that changes their outlook and relationships is very rewarding for me. This keeps me passionate about BCST and is a driving force in my love of helping others.
Background : I am a senior tutor of BCST with Body Intelligence Trainings (BIT) and I teach both here in New Zealand and overseas (Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, France, Israel). I've been part of the teaching team for BIT since 2007, on both the 2 year foundation trainings and teaching post grad courses such as 'Working with Mothers, Babies & Children'. I have a history in Medical Science (biochemistry and immunology) along with teaching Childbirth Education classes. I have also completed a variety of certifications in complimentary therapies (including Chi Kung, homeopathy and Massage) and has been a qualified registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) since 2002.
Qualifications : Diploma BCST (BCR) 2002; Diploma in CST (BCR) 2004; Advanced Diploma BCST (BIT)2007; Advanced Teaching Diploma in Chi Kung (2014); Certificate in Complementary Therapies (1998); Certificate in Childbirth Education (1998); Certificate in Adult Teaching (1992); Medical Immunology O & A level Certification (1991); MLT General Certificate (1988); NZ Certificate in Medical Science (1988); QTA Biochemistry (1986).
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