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Date: 14th May, 2016

Time:  5pm

Venue: Soul Centre, 18 Huia Road, Titirangi

All current members are more than welcome and are encouraged to attend.  


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vagus nerve



Journey to Lost Vagus

with Angela Wheeler and

Rielle Friedrich

14 - 15 May




 The Vagus nerve our longest cranial nerve (CN X), wandering from our cranium to many parts of the body is one of the most extensive neural networks in the body. The vagus is the major contributor of parasympathetic control and in doing so, regulates our stress and trauma response.

Research and specialists in this field (Dacher Keltner, Poges, Levine) have suggested that the vagus nerve plays a large role in communication, emotions like compassion sympathy and gratitude, but also states of trauma, anxiety, depression, autism and more. Working with clients who struggle with anxiety and depression is unfortunately becoming more common. This workshop aims to provide participants with knowledge and skills to better understand the role of the vagus in general health, as well as in these clinical conditions.


The weekend workshop will explore the many relationships of the vagus, review its anatomy and physiology, and related structures, like the diaphragm, the OAA junction, the jugular foramen and the brainstem nuclei. This information will be integrated and taught in a way that has clinical relevance for practitioners to use in their clinics.

Key features of the 2 full days are:

  • Review of the vagus pathways
  • Function of the vagus nerve
  • Important structures that influence the health of the vagus - the respiratory diaphragm, the OAA and the cranial base
  • Autonomic balance with vagal excess or deficiency
  • Contacts for autonomic balance through contacting the vagus
  • Anxiety and depression in relation to vagal tone and medications.


Angela Wheeler and Rielle Friedrich are two of New Zealands' most experienced pratitioners and senior tutors.  This workshop will give you 12 CPD points.  


PACT has a committment to supporting its members to continue to maintain a high practitioner standard.  This AGM Workshop is generoulsy subsidised for current finiancial members.


Date:   14th - 15th May, 2016

Time:   9:30am - 4:30pm each day

Venue: Soul Centre, 18 Huia Road, Titirangi

Cost:   $120 (current members) $400 (non members)


Due to venue size, this workshop is limited to the first 20 applicants.  To secure your place workshop fees must be paid in full.  Please select the amount from the drop down menu below and click the "buy now" button to pay now.